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The Kansas City Scholastic Chess Championship
Sponsored by Braden Roofing www.bradenroofing.com

 Date: Saturday January 10th, 2009

Where: The University of Missouri at Kansas City (UMKC) campus; University Center; 5000 Rockhill Rd., KC, MO 64110
There are meters on all parking stalls, but you will NOT have to pay for parking. Google MapWritten directions can be obtained from the Google Map

Sections: 1. K-12  2. K-6 3. K-4 and 4. K-2.  May combine sections based on attendance.

Five Rounds/Game 30. Each game is one hour. Each player has 30 minutes.

Entry Fee: $16 online by January 10th Friday at 5PM at www.kchess.org. Payment online is PAYPAL or a credit card. We shut down online registration at 5PM.

Membership: A $5 once a year Chess Express Rating membership is due. Ratings are located at www.cxrchess.com All players who register, will be paired first round.

Onsite Registration: No onsite registration! You must pre-register to play in the tournament.  

Check-In: 9:30 AM 1st Round 10:00.     

Awards: Individual Trophies for 1st -3rd each section; Team Trophies 1st each section. Medals – top twenty per section. Award Ceremony 3:30PM

Information: Call Ken Fee at 816-835-7529 after 3PM M-F since I teach high school. Anytime on weekends /OR Call Tim Steiner anytime at (913) 638-7707
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